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Every massage is customised for you on the day.

We listen to your concerns, hear what you want to achieve and tailor make a treatment just for you. 

TRALEE CLARK Dip. Therapeutic. Massage 2004 (level 6)

Tralee is your remedial and deep tissue massage specialist, she focuses on making you feel and function better.

TOYAH WAIN Trained by Tralee in Swedish Massage and Relaxation Massage 2020

Toyah is the queen of slow relaxation massage and flowing traditional Swedish massage.

30min $54 / 45min $74 / 60min $94 / 75min $114 / 90min $134

* 30 minutes

 Perfect for treatment of one specific injury or for a complete newbie to massage,

* 45 minutes

 The in betweener. Good for maybe a full back, arms and neck or full leg work and long enough to feel   unrushed.

* 60 minutes

 Allows for a good all over, with some focusing on the problem areas and gives the body time to really relax.

* 75 minutes

 A few minutes more to deeply relax or really focus on some rehab work.

* 90 minutes

 Awesome for lots of treatment work and a really good restorative rest (possibly too much for someone new to massage).


Feel good relaxing massage

​Relaxation Massage​​​ & Swedish Massage

Life stressful, working long hours, family crisis', mild aches and pains?

Let us look after you. Lay down on the comfy massage table and feel calmness return. We use relaxing aromatic oils, warm towels and soothing hands to restore peace to mind and  relieve aches in the body. The massage is slow, medium firm, flowing and ends with a lovely neck and face massage. Life can be hectic, we tend to work too much and look after everyone else...take the time to reconnect with you and nourish your deserve it.

Aches and pains throughout the body can be helped with a good massage

Therapeutic Massage​​​

While all massages are therapeutic on many levels a therapeutic massage treatment is usually more focused on an injury or muscular dysfunction that's giving you grief. After a discussion on what's bothering you and some health history we create a massage that aims at relieving the muscle tightness, improve range of motion, alleviate tension headaches or pain caused by tight muscles or "knots" in muscles. The massage may include deep tissue, trigger point work, Swedish massage and always ends with a few minutes of relaxation massage to calm the body and mind.

Is your sport causing back strain?

​Sports Massage​​​

Sports massage is sport and training phase specific. It doesn't mean deep tissue massage is used every time, if a pre game or post event flush is appropriate that's what well do. Sometimes a busy competitive athlete just needs to relax so we'll do a nice relaxation massage. Every massage is bespoke to what you need in the day. Tralee has many years experience as a sports therapist and as therapist for the Royal New Zealand Ballet for 4 years, she learnt a thing or two on how to treat professional athletes, weekend enthusiasts and sporty children.    

Pregnant mums benefit from side lying pregnancy massage

​Pregnancy Massage​​​

Pregnancy is a wonderful thing...but its not always comfortable and it can be exhausting growing another human. If you have achy hips, swollen legs or back pain a good massage can be so helpful. Our pregnancy massages are side lying, bolstered with lots of pillows using baby friendly oils. A full client form is completed and we will have a chat so we know exactly how we can give you the best treatment. If you are fit and well and baby is doing fine we can massage from the 1st trimester right up to delivery day. With pregnancies under specialist care we prefer to wait till week 14. Both therapists are mums and Tralee is a now a Nan so we get it :)

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