Each massage  is customised just for you. We have two therapists with different fields of expertise.

If Tralee is your therapist, it can be a mix of therapeutic deep tissue -on the spots that need it-It can be sports or injury specific or a good all over "make me feel good" massage. All massages finish with some relaxation massage to chill you out.

Toyah is your relaxation massage specialist, she focuses solely on making you relaxed, pampered and recovered from the stresses of life.

 We listen to your concerns, hear what you want to achieve and tailor make a treatment just for you. 


Both therapists have their own pricing.

Tralee Clark

  30min $50 / 45min $70 / 60min $90 / 90min $130

Seniors or student rate

30min $40 / 60min $70 


Toyah Wain

30min $40 / 45min $55 / 60min $75 / 90min $110

Senior or student rate

30min $30 / 60min $55 

30 minutes is perfect for treatment of one specific injury or a complete newbie to massage.

60 minutes allows for a good all over, with some focusing on the problem areas and gives the body time to really relax into the treatment.

90 minutes is awesome for lots of treatment work and a really good restorative rest (probably too much for someone new to massage).

45 minutes is the in betweener. Good for maybe a full back, arms and neck or full leg work and long enough to feel unrushed.


Sports massage
​Sports Massage 

Every sports person, whether professional or recreational, should include massage as part of their training programme.

Tailored to fit into any phase of training or competing, a good sports massage will speed muscle recovery, reduce inflammation as well as improve muscle tone and health. A sports massage assists in training and competing to your full potential.

Relaxing Massage

​Relaxation Massage​​​

Life stressful, working long hours, family crisis'?

Let me me look after you. Lay down on my comfy massage table and feel calmness return. I use relaxing aromatic oils, warm towels and soothing hands to restore peace to mind and body. The massage is slow, medium firm, flowing and ends with a lovely neck and face massage.

Therapeutic Massage
Deep Tissue Massage

​A deep tissue massage is just that deep...deep enough to get into all those niggly knots and adhered scar tissue. It's a therapeutic massage that works at physically unknotting the knots, lengthening muscles and treating trigger points. Firm pressure is used, but not beyond your limits, my clients refer to it as" the good pain'. I always finish with a soothing neck or foot massage and hot towels so you leave feeling wonderful.