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I got into endurance multisport a bit later in life than most – in fact not until I was about 60.  As you’d expect, just keeping my body functioning for long periods and avoiding overuse injuries is a biggie for me. My personal trainer suggested deep tissue massage. I tried a few practitioners before finding Tralee Clark, and now regular massages from Tralee are a key part of my training and preparation for big events. Tralee “listens before she goes to work”, so tailors her sessions to my specific needs – and there are a few – muscle imbalances due to a titanium hip being just one!  Tralee has been great and I give her real credit for helping me stay injury free. So much so, that I managed to win the Vintage 2 day category of the Speights Coast to Coast race in 2012.


Ron Thomas

Endurance Athlete

"After Working in London with the English National Ballet for 5 years, I was worried that I wouldn't find a Massage Therapist . . . it took me a few years, but I found Tralee. I saw her once a week and every time I left her clinic I knew that my body is at it's best to go and dance to the best of my ability. I wish I could have her treat me after each time I dance."


Medhi Angot 
RNZB and Opèra de Nice Ballet

"As a ballerina based in New York and regularly dancing with the RNZB, my career requires that I perform at my physical peak and quickly recover from international travel. Tralee's massage therapy is exceptional, and her calming energy is refreshing.

I recommend Tralee to anyone with aches or pains from daily life, sports, or dancing!" :)


Gillian Murphy
Principal Ballerina American Ballet Theatre and Royal New Zealand Ballet.

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