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Thank you for being interested in finding out more about me and my massage services.


I have truly enjoyed being a remedial massage therapist for the last 19 years and I hope the thousands of clients  I've seen over those years have enjoyed receiving my massage treatments also.

I began my massage career back in 2002 when my mother booked me in for my first massage. We were away on holiday and my neck went out, which it had been doing regularly for 7 years, this one was really bad giving me a migraine. My therapist made such a difference, for the first time in years the tension I had felt was normal melted away and I felt good again. At that time I was also looking for change of career, something that helped people, and boy did that massage help me! I saw my therapists Diploma hanging on the wall, asked where he'd trained and if he was busy as a massage therapist. 

On returning to Wellington the next day I opened the newspaper and there was a huge advert for an open evening at the NZ College of Massage, I went along and signed up on the spot! I have never looked back. 

I will always thank my Mum for sending me to that first massage, unfortunately she died before I graduated so it was her last gift to me.


Over the last 19 years I have worked full time for 16 of those years as a therapeutic massage therapist and have been privileged to help many people from all walks of life.

I enjoy working with a range of clientele, sports people, broken tradies, hunched over office workers, mums, children, and particularly  like helping people suffering the physical effects of stress, the look of joy, calm and happiness on their faces as they leave is a true reward for me.

For 9 years I owned my own health practice, Absolute Therapy in central Wellington. With several dancers from the Royal New Zealand Ballet coming to see me in my practice I was recommended to join the company as there permanent massage therapist. I was honoured to work with the dancers for 4 years. It was challenging, demanding and given me the opportunity  to work with dancers when I was in London and with the Opera de Paris. I also learnt alot about sports rehab from these highly trained athletes.

Other "highlights" were working with bands including Roger Waters, Neil Young and Taylor Swift. 


On a personal note, my life outside of massage is filled with family, tramping, gardening and long bike rides.


It is truly my pleasure to help you feel better.