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Tongariro Crossing - needed a massage after that!
Motatapu Marathon Walk- sports massage therapist
First 10k run. Done and dusted.
Tralee and Toyah 1995 Your massage therapists
Toyah wain - Relaxation Massage Therapist
Toyah Wain massage therapist and kids

Thank you for being interested in finding out more about the team at Ruru remedial Care.


Tralee Clark 

Dip. Therapeutic Massage 2004. Cert. Sports Massage / Cert. Relaxation Massage 

I enjoy working with a range of clientele, sports people, broken tradies, hunched over office workers, mums to be, children, personal trainers and gym bunnies. While I'm a remedial therapist who loves a giving a good deep tissue massage when needed, I also particularly like helping people suffering the physical effects of stress, the look of joy, calm and happiness on their faces as they leave is a true reward for me.

My massage career started way back in 2002 when my mother booked me in for my first massage. We were away on holiday and my neck went out, which it had been doing regularly for 7 years, this one was really bad giving me a migraine. My therapist made such a difference, for the first time in years the tension I had felt was normal melted away and I felt good again. At that time I was also looking for change of career, something that helped people, and boy did that massage help me! I saw my therapists Diploma hanging on the wall, asked a few questions and left thinking I'll look into that one day. On returning to Wellington the next day I opened the newspaper and there was a huge advert for an open evening at the NZ College of Massage, the same collage my therapist had trained, I went along and signed up on the spot! I have never looked back. I will always thank my Mum for sending me to that first massage, unfortunately she died before I graduated so it was her last gift to me.

Some of my career highlights include working with the Royal New Zealand Ballet for 4 years. It was challenging, demanding and gave me the opportunity to work with dancers when I was in London and with the Opera de Paris. I learnt alot about sports rehab from these highly trained athletes. I have also massaged The Black Caps, Coast to Coast competitors, lots of endurance athletes, weightlifters and the Pumas

Other highlights were working with bands including Roger Waters The Wall tour, Neil Young and Taylor Swift. 

I've had many many wonderful loyal clients over my last 19 years in Wellington. I am thrilled to be back in Nelson and look forward to meeting you all soon.

My life outside of massage is filled with family, trying to find my fitness again at the gym, gardening and planning as many adventures as possible.


Toyah Wain

Swedish & Relaxation Massage Therapist

Hi to all, I am Tralee's daughter and proud to be following on in mums footsteps. Even though I have only been massaging for the last 4 years I feel like I have been in the massage world for a life time!

I was mums guinea pig while she was studying, when I was still at primary school and used to go to her clinic in town every day after school. I've always had an interest in natural health and beauty.

While living in Australia I set up my own natural skin care business which was very popular. Part of the range was a super strength magnesium spray I developed to help with my long term back issues, I found it to be a God send and it now helps lots of other people too, including children having trouble going to sleep.

We returned to NZ to be closer to family and had the chance to get some expert massage training from one of the best in the business- Mum.  Since 2020 I have been working along side Mum in her Lower Hutt clinic, and have built up a great cliental of people wanting deep relaxation and lovely flowing Swedish massage treatments. This year I moved back to Nelson and look forward to meeting you all in our gorgeous new clinic.

I specialise in Swedish and relaxation massage and will be  adding pampering facials to the menu in the coming months. Way back pre children I began Beauty Therapy training at Elite Therapy and love giving facials, so heavenly!

Outside of work I have two super funny and gorgeous kids, LOVE tending to my house plants, and going on family adventures.

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