Tralee Clark 

Dip.Therapeutic Massage 2004

I know a truly good remedial massage can do wonders. With my knowledge of the human body, 16 years of experience and a bit of intuition I will work with you to create the therapeutic massage treatment you really need & want.

I obtained my Diploma of Therapeutic Massage from the  NZ College of Massage in 2004. I have worked as a massage therapist ever since, mainly in Wellington city owning my own large health practice for 9 years, but also at gyms, physios and the Royal NZ Ballet. 

For my  massages I use a mix of styles to alleviate pain and bring back a sense of feeling "good".

My clients come from all walks of life... marathon runners, gym junkies dancers, musicians, tradies, office workers, mums to be and the

odd stressed out bunny. 

We all deserve to feel our best & to be looked after, at least once in a while.

Happy Autumn

 I'm ever on the look out for colourful practical and well designed items to sell at Ruru,  my latest addition is a range of podiatrist recommended jandals that are just the BEST jandals ever! 

"Archies" have arch support, a slight lift in the heel and made to fit well so you don't feel like you have to grip them with your toes. So your feet are comfortable, knees don't roll in and you can wear them all day without getting sore feet.

No going back to flat old flip flops after you try on a pair of Archies!

My range of colourful sturdy handbags from Zay are proving to be very popular and sell out quickly. Its because they are so jolly sturdy, very cute and ethically made. I love mine and get comments on it nearly every day.

I also have a range of luxury bath salts and magnesium spray from Taylor Rose.

Things are still busy so please book ahead.

There is usually a 4 week wait time to get in (evenings and weekends can be longer) but it's always worth checking online as people reschedule & spots do turn up often.


 I look forward to seeing you soon.

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Massage therapy can help in so many ways
  • Back ache   

  • Reducing stress

  • Sciatic nerve pain

  • Running recovery

  • Injury rehab

  • Sports recovery

  • Growing pains in children   

  • Headaches caused by neck & shoulder tension 

  • Increasing  happiness

  • Improving circulation   

  • Correcting poor posture

  • Releasing scar tissue

  • Sport training maintenance

  • Maintaining a healthy life balance

  • A gift voucher makes a great gift