Winters nearly done :)

Well, we are past half way so lets look forward to some sun coming our way in the near future.


Covid has been running wild and we have all had it, thankfully with only mild symptoms. We hope you are all getting through ok and looking after yourselves well. Not the time to be a tough kiwi and soldier on, you will need to rest during covid and after as well.

But boy do I feel like a good massage now I'm on the other side, all those hours lying on the couch and body aches covid gives out have made me feel stiff, congested and just a bit blughh! So if you need a post covid massage do come in, but please wait a week or two after getting the negative test result just so your body has a chance to get back to some kind of normal and a chance for the immune system to balance out. Try a nice soothing relaxation treatment to get the joints and blood flow moving.

With Tralee having moved to Nelson earlier this year, Toyah (Tralee's daughter) has taken over the massage clinic at Ruru.

Toyah offers Swedish  massage / relaxation massage and lovely pampering facials.

Her business name is Taylor Rose (named after her two adorable children) but will continue to work under the Ruru banner.

Toyah is doing really well and is working long hours to see her ever growing list of cliental. Toyah works Friday through to Sunday.

Massage therapy can help in so many ways
  • Back ache   

  • Reducing stress

  • Running recovery

  • Sports recovery

  • Growing pains in children   

  • Headaches caused by neck & shoulder tension 

  • Increasing  happiness

  • Improving circulation   

  • Correcting poor posture

  • Sport training maintenance

  • Maintaining a healthy life balance

  • A gift voucher makes a great gift 

Head Massage